Sunday, August 27, 2017

8/15/17--Crunch Time

Hola cómo están todo? Well how is everyone doing? We now getting down into crunch time where we start running as fast as we can to reach that finish line! Well this week was pretty awesome! Mainly because we meet some pretty awesome people that are going to get baptized one day I can see it!

So first guy is named Andy! We were at the train station on Tuesday.  The interesting part was usually we don't go to this train station but I had felt to take a different way and we ended up at this station. So anyways he comes and seats next to me at the bench waiting for the train. He starts talking to us about this computer card that holds different credit cards on it and how you can switch which one you use and how crazy protective it is. Anyways for all y'all nerds who read this who want to know more about is card I get y'all hooked up with him go know more. Anyways he was telling us how this card is going to change the world and we were like well this card is going to change the world as well as we pulled out our card! See what we did there😉 so smart I know (tosses her hair). Anyways we went into talking about the restoration focusing on the Book of Mormon. I have discovered the key to everything is the evidence of the Book of Mormon, cause as we were explaining the Book the Mormon he goes how can I get one of these books. So we went back on Wednesday to see him again. The first thing he said was like I have some things I need to tell you. In our heads we were like noooooo that means he is going to drop us! But before he told us his "concerns" he was like are y'all JWs and we were like no. And instantly his whole attitude changed and he was so open to listening! It was awesome! As well he has a wife and two kids who want to learn as well! So cool! So excited!

Then awesome family number two. On Wednesday we got a phone call from some elders saying they have a referral for us. So they give us their information. We called and set up a time for Saturday night. Well we went over Saturday night and they explained their situation. And may I say it is a situation but the cool part was how big of a desire the wife has to come back to church and feel the Spirit again. As well he husband really wants to get baptized. It was so cool to feel like we were an answer to their prayers. She had said that when she messaged the elder to give us her information they had told her we would call. So right as she was finishing praying we called! So cool and I know that God puts us in places for a reason!

So some funny moments. I think the funniest was we were visiting less active and her recent convert that we visit every week. We were talking with her 10 year old recent convert son about different movies. Hermana Jofre and I were talking about the movies that we had cried in. So we naturally asked the son. He goes "I don't cry. You guys are just emotional!" So there you have it we are emotional! Hahahaha I love working with kids they have the best sense of humor!

So my thought for this week comes from Helaman 8:15. He is talking about when Moses held up the sphere that to the children of Israel to save them. Anyways the scripture says:

"15 And as many as should look upon that serpent should live, even so as many as should look upon the Son of God with faith, having a contrite spirit, might live, even unto that life which is eternal."

I love how simple this gospel is and how simple the Lord has made it for us to make it back to him and partake of this great joy. Having faith in the Savior sounds so simple but I have come to understand it is a daily battle and we have to give all we can to follow Him and do everything He has asked of us to do. As well as we break our hearts and have a contrite spirit and submit to the will of the Father's we will become everything He knows we can become! Come to know Him and follow His will! Love y'all! See y'all soon!

Ps. Pictures from the temple to come later!

Con Amor
Hermana Ashford

Picture 1: we had to carry a box of bibles and a bow of Books of
Mormon to our apartment. 💪
Pictures 2-3: alone on the bus.
Picture 4: the best store in town! So much chocolate! Expensive though.....
Pictures 5-6: Hortencia and I got bored in church so we got creative!
Picture 7: getting ready to play tenzi!!!!!

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